Biomagnetic therapies

Biomagnetic therapy

Non invasive, No side effects

Biomagnetic therapy is an alternative holistic practice that uses the application of magnets to specific parts of the body to aid the body in self-healing. Magnets are used in combination with the reduction of stressful electromagnetic fields. The basic underlying theory of biomagnetic therapy is that the blood in the human body is 4% iron, and magnets attract the iron in the blood. This is said to increase blood flow to certain areas of the body which brings balance to the body's systems and jump-starts its natural ability to heal itself.

Many health benefits are claimed by proponents of biomagnetic therapy. Some of these include increased oxygen and nutrients carried to the cells, relaxation of muscles, and the reduction of pain due to swelling of muscles and inflammation of joints. It is also said to increase bone density, prevent and reversal of chronic disease, help overcome sleep disorders, and provide an overall increase to the body's natural immune system.

Magnets in the form of lodestones were used for healing by ancient cultures in China, Egypt, India, North America, and elsewhere. Ancient records show that they were used in 200 BC by a Greek doctor named Galan to treat pain. Queen Cleopatra, during her reign from 69-30 BC, is said to have worn one on her third eye in an attempt to maintain her beauty. Paracelsus (193-1541), considered to be one of the founders of modern medicine, believed that magnets could influence the body's life force.

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